Running a successful agricultural and export business comes with its own set of challenges, however, we are equipped to overcome any industry hurdle that may appear along our journey. We take our customers’ lifestyle and health seriously, hence why we only produce the highest quality organically produced plant-based goods. We follow strict guidelines to ensure our products are made under hygienic conditions, whilst retaining the freshness of all our vegetable and fruit products.

We thoroughly research innovative techniques that can improve upon our existing recipes and preparation methods to stay ahead within our industry. We ensure that our processing methods retain the freshness and nutrients of our products up until our customers consume it.

While we focus on producing high quality value-added goods, we also take a stance to utilise environmentally friendly production methods. A major challenge we continuously strive to conquer is waste management. As a sustainable business, we implement effective methods to reduce wastage throughout our process, contributing positively to the environment and ensuring our customers a green product.

We understand that nature plays a vital role in our business as we depend on its resources to produce our value-added goods, hence, why we prioritise ethical and sustainable business practices throughout. Our 3 key focuses are; Food, Environment, and People.

Our Commitment to Food

Maintaining the quality, freshness, and nutritious value of our food products is an integral part of our process. Since we work with time-sensitive produce we have optimized our operations and business process into a well-oiled machine that will not fail. This attention to detail is what gives our products that distinct HJS stamp of quality, making us recognised market leaders and trusted food manufacturers.


Our Commitment to the Environment

In recent years, practising sustainability in any business has become a major trend, mostly due to the world becoming more environmentally conscious as a whole. We have acknowledged the various negative impacts businesses can pose on nature and have strived to contribute positively to the environment by creating a sustainable process that also focuses on reducing wastage.

We mainly source our produce from local farmers, therefore we need to thoroughly monitor their agricultural practices. We make sure that they follow eco-friendly agricultural guidelines throughout the cultivating and harvesting procedures, till the processing stage in our manufacturing facilities. We have implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management standard throughout to ensure that the environment is not harmed by our processing methods.

Through extensive research and development initiatives, we have acquired the Carbon Conscious and Water Conscious manufacturer status. These certifications have made us a leading environmentally conscious manufacturer by adhering to the international requirements.


Our Commitment to Our People

A business cannot succeed without a dedicated and hardworking team. We are invested in providing our employees with the standard resources and encouragement they need to thrive in a safe and healthy work environment.

We follow systemic health and safety protocols which have allowed us to acquire the SA8000 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.