About Moringa

Moringa, also known as “Drumsticks”, is a coveted natural elixir for health and beauty, it has many beneficial properties. Moringa is a great source of antioxidants that help with delaying ageing, and other vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals. 

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    AMA Moringa Capsules

    HPMC cap ule containing organic Moringa leaf powder Moringa i a natural elixir that ha many

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    AMA Moringa Leaf Powder

    A coveted uperfood, Moringa ha a variety of medicinal propertie which are beneficial to overall

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    AMA Moringa Tea Flakes

    Our AMA Moringa Tea Flake are perfect for the tea lover, thi Moringa tea help with brain

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    Moringa Bars with Chocolate Fudge

    The perfect on-the-go nack, it i healthy and ta ty and will keep you energized for the re t of

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    Organic Moringa Pods in Brine

    Young and tender Moringa pod , al o known a drum tick , pre erved in brine for longer helf life

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    Rice Fortified Moringa String Hopper Mix

    Thi tring hopper flour i prepared with Moringa leaf powder and white rice flour, however, it can