The dedicated team behind HJS is the driving force of our success. Our excellence in this ever-changing, ever-evolving industry is due to our highly skilled and hardworking personnel who are our most valuable assets.

Efficiency and productivity play major roles in achieving company goals. We provide our employees with a variety of training programs and professional development initiatives that will enhance their existing skills in their respective fields. 

We have created a healthy work culture based on unity; we believe this to be an important criterion for a successful company. Along with our expert Human Resources team guiding the way, our employees are encouraged to support each other and help develop one another’s careers. Each employee contributes something unique and at HJS we recognize and encourage our team to express their ideas and strategies without judgment as this adds overall to the business and community. 

A business requires the right resources for all operations to be performed efficiently. Our workforce along with our farmers alone cannot fulfil company goals, hence, we ensure that our employees are provided with the standard high-quality material resources and equipment required to perform at their fullest potential. 

We recognize and appreciate the efforts of our dedicated personnel and agricultural partners by rewarding them. HJS provides awards for ‘Best Employee’, ‘Best Farmer’, etc, and also follows the “Kaizen” (Continuous Improvement) reward system. This reassures and encourages our team to keep up their excellent work.

We pride ourselves as an Equal Opportunity Employer by recruiting our personnel based on their competence and suitability for the job without any discrimination towards their ethnicity, religion, cultural backgrounds, identities, or any specific beliefs.