About Gherkins

Pickled gherkins are what started us on our journey, we have 30 years of experience in cultivating the crop and producing the condiment. Our premium quality gherkins and other pickled products are cultivated using sustainable methods by our expert local farmers. 

  • Banderilla

    Colourful and bur ting with flavour our banderilla are the perfect Tapa party nack It i

  • Cornichorns

    Small but pack a punch; the e young gherkin are the perfect level of crunch and tart The ideal

  • Diced Jalapeno

    Premium quality Jalapeno from our farm diced to perfection and packed with great care to en ure

  • Dill Pickles

    Juicy and crunchy, our Dill Pickle are a riot for your ta te bud , made with dried dill for a more

  • Gherkin Slabs

    Our liced gherkin i the perfect andwich tacker Sliced longitudinally to retain flavour and

  • Gherkin Slices

    Succulent organic gherkin perfectly liced and pickled in vinegar It can erve a the perfect

  • Gherkin Sticks

    Whether accompanying a andwich or ju t eaten by them elve , Gherkin tick are a nack taple Our

  • Mixed Pickles

    A different flavour with every bite, our Mixed Pickle combine a variety of vegetable to create

  • Not Hot Pepper

    Le in pice yet flavourful, thi concoction of mildly picy- weet pepper i the perfect

  • Organic Vinegared Gherkins

    Our organically harve ted Vinegard Gherkin contain no artificial additive , it i prepared with

  • Sliced Jalapeno

    Pickled Jalapeño perfectly liced for your convenience, are packed with flavour and the right

  • Sweet and Sour Gherkins

    Sweet and our are two flavour that complement each other perfectly, we have applied thi harmony

  • Sweet Pickle

    Tangy pickled gherkin with a weet edge, our Sweet Pickle i the perfect condiment for a variety

  • Sweet Relish

    Our Sweet Reli h i a mix of gherkin , bell pepper , onion, and mu tard, all marinating in vinegar

  • Whole Jalapeno

    Jalapeno are a pepper enjoyed globally and added to many di he in different cui ine It i picy