• AMA Moringa Capsules

    HPMC cap ule containing organic Moringa leaf powder Moringa i a natural elixir that ha many

  • AMA Moringa Leaf Powder

    A coveted uperfood, Moringa ha a variety of medicinal propertie which are beneficial to overall

  • AMA Moringa Tea Flakes

    Our AMA Moringa Tea Flake are perfect for the tea lover, thi Moringa tea help with brain

  • Banana Blossom In Brine

    A completely edible flower, the Banana Blo om i a delicacy within A ia It i now a famed

  • Banana Coins

    Our Organic Banana Coin are made from our premium quality harve t of banana , prepared naturally

  • Banderilla

    Colourful and bur ting with flavour our banderilla are the perfect Tapa party nack It i

  • Conventional Mango Juice

    The queen of fruit , the mango i loved all over the world Sweet and refre hing it juice will

  • Conventional Mixed Fruit Juice

    Bur ting with flavour, thi concoction i a mix of pineapple, mango, and papaya Made from the

  • Conventional Pineapple Juice

    Savour the delectable tropical ta te of the pineapple with our conventional pineapple juice bottle

  • Cornichorns

    Small but pack a punch; the e young gherkin are the perfect level of crunch and tart The ideal

  • Creamed Coconut

    Our Creamed Coconut i prepared u ing the fre he t coconut meat, creamed to perfection without

  • Diced Jalapeno

    Premium quality Jalapeno from our farm diced to perfection and packed with great care to en ure

  • Dill Pickles

    Juicy and crunchy, our Dill Pickle are a riot for your ta te bud , made with dried dill for a more

  • Garlic Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

    Thi product i made u ing organic cold-pre ed virgin coconut oil and natural garlic extract

  • Garlic with Bee honey

    Thi i a medicinal elixir for your health, made from our organic garlic and bee honey that ha

  • Gherkin Slabs

    Our liced gherkin i the perfect andwich tacker Sliced longitudinally to retain flavour and

  • Gherkin Slices

    Succulent organic gherkin perfectly liced and pickled in vinegar It can erve a the perfect

  • Gherkin Sticks

    Whether accompanying a andwich or ju t eaten by them elve , Gherkin tick are a nack taple Our

  • Jackfruit in Brine

    Natural, young and firm jackfruit piece in brine erve a a good meat ub titute a it i rich in

  • Jackfruit Light Seasoned

    Unripe, young jackfruit piece with a touch of avoury ea oning for added flavour Perfect for

  • Jackfruit NATURAL

    Natural young jackfruit piece are a great ource of protein and fibre for vegetarian di he The

  • Jackfruit with BBQ Flavour

    Our BBQ seasoning pairs perfectly with young jackfruit, making it perfect for

  • Jackfruit with Curry Flavour

    Traditional Sri Lankan pice compliment young jackfruit perfectly Prepare thi a a curry or tew

  • Jackfruit with Teriyaki Flavour

    Sea oned with pice and the dark- weet- alty ta te of Teriyaki auce, thi jackfruit flavour goe

  • King Coconut Water with Bee Honey

    Our King Coconut Water with Bee Honey mixe two of Nature ’ be t ingredient to create a

  • Mixed Pickles

    A different flavour with every bite, our Mixed Pickle combine a variety of vegetable to create

  • Moringa Bars with Chocolate Fudge

    The perfect on-the-go nack, it i healthy and ta ty and will keep you energized for the re t of

  • Not Hot Pepper

    Le in pice yet flavourful, thi concoction of mildly picy- weet pepper i the perfect

  • Organic Black Pepper

    Our Organic Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) i harve ted from our own crop of pepper vine carefully

  • Organic Black Pepper Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

    Made u ing organic cold-pre ed virgin coconut oil and organic black pepper extract that add a

  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

    Made of ground dried inner bark of the highe t grade of Ceylon Cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum

  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Quills

    Premium quality Cinamon Quill harve ted from the pure t, highe t quality inner bark of local

  • Organic Cinnamon Drink

    Rich in antioxidant and other mineral , our Organic Cinnamon Drink i made of u tainably

  • Organic Cinnamon Drink with Bee Honey

    100% natural and Organic Cinnamon Drink with Bee Honey added for weetne Thi drink i packed

  • Organic Cinnamon Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

    Thi aromatic concoction i prepared u ing organic cold-pre ed virgin coconut oil and fragrant

  • Organic Coconut Flour

    Our coconut flour i made out of defatted organic copra harve ted from our very own coconut tree

  • Organic Coconut Milk – 17% fat

    Organic Coconut Milk with only 17% fat is perfect for the health-conscious

  • Organic Coconut Milk – 22% Fat

    Made out of our organic coconut , thi low-fat dairy milk ub titute will make a perfect

  • Organic Desiccated Coconut – Chips type

    Deliciou and ver atile in their u e our De iccated Coconut Chip are made from organic coconut

  • Organic Desiccated Coconut Fine Cut

    Finely cut Organic De iccated Coconut i perfect for de ert and other type of food; prepared

  • Organic Dessicated Coconut Medium Cut

    Medium cut Organic De iccated Coconut chip prepared to retain fre hne and flavour, with a bit of

  • Organic Dried Tender Jackfruit

    A flavourful delicacy, our organic dried jackfruit piece can be prepared in many way It i rich

  • Organic Fruit Cocktail in Pineapple Juice

    The cla ic fruit cocktail doe n't get better than thi Bite- ized chunk of organic tropical fruit

  • Organic Ginger Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

    Made from cold-pre ed virgin coconut oil and natural ginger extract for a fragrant and picy

  • Organic King Coconut Water

    Nature’ i otonic drink, king coconut water i a refre hing and nutrient-rich natural drink Our

  • Organic King Coconut Water with Mango

    Refre hing king coconut water with the added weetne of juicy mango make up thi deliciou

  • Organic King Coconut Water with Pineapple

    The natural weetne and tangine of pineapple add to the refre hing quality of king coconut and

  • Organic Mango Chunks in Pineapple Juice/Sugar Syrup

    Hand-picked organically grown mango are carefully cut into juicy chunk and packed with pineapple

  • Organic Mango Juice

    Pure organic mango juice from perfectly ripe fruit handpicked from our mango orchard Ta te

  • Organic Mango Strips

    Prepared from organically grown mango from our farmer’ garden and liced for your convenience

  • Organic Mixed Fruit Juice

    Thi tropical fruit concoction i made from organic pineapple , mango and papaya plucked from our

  • Organic Moringa Pods in Brine

    Young and tender Moringa pod , al o known a drum tick , pre erved in brine for longer helf life

  • Organic Papaya Cubes in Pineapple Juice/Sugar Syrup

    Savour the delightful ta te of the papaya fruit with our papaya chunk in pineapple juice or ugar

  • Organic Papaya Strips

    Handpicked from our Papaya orchard , thi tropical fruit i full of nutrient like beta carotene

  • Organic Pineapple Chunks in Pineapple Juice/Sugar Syrup

    Reli h the di tinctly tangy ta te of pineapple, carefully diced into even chunk and marinating in

  • Organic Pineapple Juice

    Made of handpicked organically grown pineapple , our Organic Pineapple Juice i refre hing and

  • Organic Pineapple Rings

    Handpicked organic pineapple , liced into ring and dried for pre ervation Our dried pineapple

  • Organic Pineapple Titbits

    Handpicked organically grown pineapple are cut into bite- ized piece and dried carefully to

  • Organic Refined Coconut Oil

    Our Organic Refined Coconut Oil i the pure t form of coconut oil Refined to remove any impuritie

  • Organic Ripened Jackfruit in Pineapple Juice

    Honey- weet jackfruit piece pre erved in pineapple juice make for the perfect tropical treat Ripe

  • Organic Ripened Jackfruit Strips

    Organically grown ripe jackfruit i handpicked and eparated into trip before drying to en ure

  • Organic Soursop Juice

    Made from organically farmed Sour op, it ha a weet and our ta te A local delicacy, it al o ha

  • Organic Turmeric Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

    Organic cold-pre ed virgin coconut oil infu ed with natural turmeric extract Turmeric i aid to

  • Organic Vinegared Gherkins

    Our organically harve ted Vinegard Gherkin contain no artificial additive , it i prepared with

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is a versatile product and serves many purposes from

  • Organic White Pepper

    Harve ted from our own pepper garden , our White Pepper (Piper nigrum) i organic and u tainably

  • Rice Fortified Moringa String Hopper Mix

    Thi tring hopper flour i prepared with Moringa leaf powder and white rice flour, however, it can

  • Sliced Jalapeno

    Pickled Jalapeño perfectly liced for your convenience, are packed with flavour and the right

  • Sweet and Sour Gherkins

    Sweet and our are two flavour that complement each other perfectly, we have applied thi harmony

  • Sweet Pickle

    Tangy pickled gherkin with a weet edge, our Sweet Pickle i the perfect condiment for a variety

  • Sweet Relish

    Our Sweet Reli h i a mix of gherkin , bell pepper , onion, and mu tard, all marinating in vinegar

  • Whole Jalapeno

    Jalapeno are a pepper enjoyed globally and added to many di he in different cui ine It i picy