Established in 1989, Sunfrost Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) is the sister company of HJS CONDIMENTS LTD that supplies the fruits and vegetables needed for their products. The company has a strong out-grower business model that supports rural farmers and spans three generations. As of today, Sunfrost Pvt. Ltd. is collaborating with 12,500 farmers who cultivate various crops to satisfy the demand of the international market.

Sunfrost Pvt. Ltd. manages and supplies the organically and conventionally farmed produce required by HJS CONDIMENTS LTD, where it is processed sustainably and exported to consumers around the world. All of our processing facilities have acquired international accreditations to ensure that our products are sustainably and ethically produced.

International Accreditations

Our network of farmers is our greatest strength, their dedication and bountiful harvest have made us one of the most successful agricultural food-processing businesses in the world. A major priority of this company is maintaining a healthy relationship with our agricultural partners. We provide them with all the necessary resources needed to sustainably cultivate their crops and continue this agricultural tradition for generations to come.

Continuous supply of high-quality product

Sunfrost Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Agricultural Department and university agricultural departments, performs field trials on existing cultivars and new cultivars to ensure all produce is of the highest standard.

All of our farmers are well trained and follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to maintain the high quality of all HJS CONDIMENTS LTD. products. During the harvest season, we closely monitor the cultivation of the crops via constant engagement with the farmers throughout the year. By establishing a sustainable agricultural model, we ensure that our crops are cultivated ethically.

Our farmers are provided with all the resources they need on a credit basis that is affordable and fair. We provide the recommended resources such as seeds, fertilizer, safe-to-use agrochemicals, and yarn. Providing these resources helps them to get started, we then buy back their produce at a fair rate that helps build stronger and longer relationships with our farmers.

Responsible Sourcing

We have obtained Fairtrade certification that proves our ethical and healthy relationship with our rural farmers. We provide our farmers with the right products needed for their farming needs at a reasonable price. Sunfrost Pvt. Ltd. respects all farmers and believes that they need to be treated fairly by utilising ethical business practices that do not exploit them.

We have acquired Organic certifications especially for farmers who cultivate jackfruit, pineapple, mango, papaya, banana, organic spices, and more. This ensures responsible sourcing with GAP that will be followed by future generations of farmers.

Manufacturing beyond limits/ Limitless Manufacturing

Coconut products are one of our biggest exports, we are recognised by the Coconut Development Authority of Sri Lanka as a major manufacturer of export quality coconut-based products. However, we plan to expand and further diversify our current product line up for our international customers.

Sunfrost Pvt. Ltd. prioritises the welfare of our farmers, we empower rural agricultural livelihoods by supporting them and allowing them to obtain a foreign income via the cultivation of local spices, and other export-oriented crops.