To fulfil the specific requirements of our clients we have responsibly sourced our produce from local farmers who practice sustainable farming techniques. We closely monitor as well as educate our agricultural partners on environmentally friendly cultivation for a better quality end-product that is beneficial to the consumer’s health and the environment.

Our out-grower units are USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and EU Organic certified under the supervision of the Control Union of Sri Lanka. We have also obtained the Fairtrade certification to ensure that each of our rural farmers is treated fairly and guided to purchase the right products needed for farming without exploitation.

The farming community makes a major contribution to our manufacturing process. That is why we believe in empowering their livelihoods by providing them with the necessary resources needed to obtain a fair income and help with the overall growth of the farming trade.

To preserve these environmentally friendly cultivation procedures we continuously develop ways to minimize the use of toxic chemicals, hybrid seeds and toxic fertilizer, etc., or even eliminate its use where possible. Our main objective is to cultivate produce using natural and traditional procedures to preserve the Sri Lankan agricultural heritage and create our own agricultural heritage at HJS CONDIMENTS LTD.

We have improved the sustainability impact of our business and production processes by implementing solar-powered motors and our own sprinkler irrigation system to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to minimize water wastage.

Utilizing these sustainable techniques along with the dedication of our team and farming partners, we have successfully secured the Sri Lankan Sustainability Award numerous times. We hope to maintain our leading position within the Sri Lankan agricultural industry and inspire other organisations to use and develop more sustainable practices in the future.