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About Tropical Fruits & Vegetables

Sri Lankan tropical fruits and vegetables are known for their distinct taste and health benefits across the globe. Some of these tropical crops are famous superfoods that boast a myriad of health and cosmetic benefits. Full of antioxidants and other important nutrients, our tropical food products are of premium quality and farmed sustainably for a better planet.

  • Banana Blossom In Brine

    A completely edible flower, the Banana Blo om i a delicacy within A ia It i now a famed

  • Banana Coins

    Our Organic Banana Coin are made from our premium quality harve t of banana , prepared naturally

  • Conventional Mango Juice

    The queen of fruit , the mango i loved all over the world Sweet and refre hing it juice will

  • Conventional Mixed Fruit Juice

    Bur ting with flavour, thi concoction i a mix of pineapple, mango, and papaya Made from the

  • Conventional Pineapple Juice

    Savour the delectable tropical ta te of the pineapple with our conventional pineapple juice bottle

  • Organic Fruit Cocktail in Pineapple Juice

    The cla ic fruit cocktail doe n't get better than thi Bite- ized chunk of organic tropical fruit

  • Organic Mango Chunks in Pineapple Juice/Sugar Syrup

    Hand-picked organically grown mango are carefully cut into juicy chunk and packed with pineapple

  • Organic Mango Juice

    Pure organic mango juice from perfectly ripe fruit handpicked from our mango orchard Ta te

  • Organic Mango Strips

    Prepared from organically grown mango from our farmer’ garden and liced for your convenience

  • Organic Mixed Fruit Juice

    Thi tropical fruit concoction i made from organic pineapple , mango and papaya plucked from our

  • Organic Papaya Cubes in Pineapple Juice/Sugar Syrup

    Savour the delightful ta te of the papaya fruit with our papaya chunk in pineapple juice or ugar

  • Organic Papaya Strips

    Handpicked from our Papaya orchard , thi tropical fruit i full of nutrient like beta carotene

  • Organic Pineapple Chunks in Pineapple Juice/Sugar Syrup

    Reli h the di tinctly tangy ta te of pineapple, carefully diced into even chunk and marinating in

  • Organic Pineapple Juice

    Made of handpicked organically grown pineapple , our Organic Pineapple Juice i refre hing and

  • Organic Pineapple Rings

    Handpicked organic pineapple , liced into ring and dried for pre ervation Our dried pineapple

  • Organic Pineapple Titbits

    Handpicked organically grown pineapple are cut into bite- ized piece and dried carefully to

  • Organic Ripened Jackfruit in Pineapple Juice

    Honey- weet jackfruit piece pre erved in pineapple juice make for the perfect tropical treat Ripe

  • Organic Ripened Jackfruit Strips

    Organically grown ripe jackfruit i handpicked and eparated into trip before drying to en ure

  • Organic Soursop Juice

    Made from organically farmed Sour op, it ha a weet and our ta te A local delicacy, it al o ha