Fresh and crispy cucumbers packed in jars

Sri Lanka has nurtured many food manufacturing companies within the island, due to its favourable environmental and geographical advantages. Among a multitude of food manufacturers, HJS Condiments has well applied and placed our processes to keep us a step ahead of the competition. This is mainly by the company’s diverse product portfolio and top quality & freshness of each product, across the board. Our attention to detail of keeping in-line with proper quality and health standards has helped the company cater to local and international customers’ requirements.


Among our varied portfolio of products, a stand-out product is our ‘Gherkins’. A common misconception of Gherkins in general are that it’s basically a pickled cucumber. However, gherkins in general are not cucumber, but they both are believed to belong to the same gourd family “Cucurbitacceae”, and gherkin is often recognised as a ‘miniature cucumber’ but are found to be from different cultivar groups. Only a single species of gherkin are known to be considered as cucumbers, this species is; Cucumis Sativus.


We have been cultivating gherkins with a rich history and expertise of up to 3 decades, while providing the same trusted taste, crispiness, colour and freshness which is brought only by organically produced vegetation with good agricultural practices.

When considering the vegetation and harvesting of our produce, as a company we are well known for our practice of sourcing from local farmers as a move to create and provide opportunities to local farming communities, this practice has helped us achieve unparalleled levels of freshness in all our products.


To gain healthy produce the environmental factors play quite a vital role too. And due to Sri Lanka’s naturally placed geographic location, this gives us a strategically advantageous opportunity to utilise the abundant sunlight we receive year-round. The monsoon periods we receive also help in creating the most favourable atmospheric conditions to produce an exceptionally good quality harvest, which is highly desired by the global market.

Our harvest of gherkin/cucumber is cultivated based on three seasons within the year, these are placed as;

  • January – April
  • May – August
  • September – December


Following a constant process of adhering to good agricultural practices, we have adapted our processes to align with the sustainable agricultural practices. This has been attained by efficiently utilising all our resources to effective produce vegetation with minimal wastage and reducing the cultivation’s dependency on varying weather conditions.

As such we have implemented rainwater harvesting, solar-powered motor pumps, and drip irrigation systems to ensure that every droplet is preserved and used to nourish the plants and soil.


With the responsibility of producing, manufacturing and supplying pickled gherkins to foreign markets, we have established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to process pickled gherkins in glass jars, slices and relishes with the internationally recognised certifications in the likeness of; BRC, IFS, SQMS, Kosher, Halal, SA 8000. ISO 14000, and similar quality standard accreditations.

Given that we possess top of the line capabilities, with a refined process and assured quality achievements, we supply our finest products to leading food services, fast food chains as well as supermarkets on a global scale.