From Savory to Sweet: Exploring the Wide Range of Jackfruit-Based Offerings

Jackfruit, with its sweet and aromatic flavor, is a beloved ingredient in Sri Lankan cuisine and is used in a wide range of dishes from curries to even desserts. In addition to being enjoyed as a fruit, jackfruit is also processed into various products by HJS Condiments Limited and exported globally to meet the needs of the vegan market looking for plant-based substitutes for meat. Our jackfruit product range includes Jackfruit in Brine, Jackfruit Light Seasoned, Jackfruit NATURAL, Jackfruit with BBQ Flavour, Jackfruit with Curry Flavour, and Jackfruit with Teriyaki Flavour and more, all of which are highly regarded for their taste and quality.

Sri Lanka is one of the largest producers of jackfruit in the world, and jackfruit cultivation has created a thriving industry that provides employment opportunities for many Sri Lankans. HJS Condiments Limited works closely with small to medium growers to develop innovative value-added jackfruit products, ensuring that the industry remains sustainable and profitable. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has helped to establish Sri Lanka as a major player in the global jackfruit market.

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    Jackfruit in Brine

    Natural, young and firm jackfruit piece in brine erve a a good meat ub titute a it i rich in

  • Exports Only

    Jackfruit Light Seasoned

    Unripe, young jackfruit piece with a touch of avoury ea oning for added flavour Perfect for

  • Exports Only

    Jackfruit NATURAL

    Natural young jackfruit piece are a great ource of protein and fibre for vegetarian di he The

  • Exports Only

    Jackfruit with BBQ Flavour

    Our BBQ seasoning pairs perfectly with young jackfruit, making it perfect for

  • Exports Only

    Jackfruit with Curry Flavour

    Traditional Sri Lankan pice compliment young jackfruit perfectly Prepare thi a a curry or tew

  • Exports Only

    Jackfruit with Teriyaki Flavour

    Sea oned with pice and the dark- weet- alty ta te of Teriyaki auce, thi jackfruit flavour goe

  • Exports Only

    Organic Dried Tender Jackfruit

    A flavourful delicacy, our organic dried jackfruit piece can be prepared in many way It i rich